Friday, 22 August 2014

Importance of Customer Feedback

I know we all get fed up with emails or letters asking for feedback but do you know how important this is especially for a small company?

We all know the best advertisement is recommendation so why wouldn’t you want to recommend a company that you have used and found to be good?

Feedback helps that company stay top of any search engines and therefore prevents the rogue traders out there gaining new customers and that then stops customers that could be a close friend or family member of yours getting ripped off!

Companies are very thankful to any customers that give feedback and sometimes offer price draws for those customers and even discounts or goes that extra mile for that customer should they need their services again.

We realise this and now any customers completing feedback forms either by hard copy or online will go into a monthly price draw for a £20 Marks and Spencer gift card.

So I ask that next time you're asked to give feedback, take that 5 minutes and complete it as this could be helping someone you know and yourself!

We all want the good companies to grow and get the work and keep rogue traders at bay!

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